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"Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome.

Charlie Munger


By providing our agents with an option for commission advances, we believe we give agents the opportunity for improved cash-flow management and increased ability to stabilize household and business expenses leading to less stress and overall improvement of our agents ability to remain productive and happy.  Let's face it, we know the money is coming, but there are a million and one things that we could do with it right now to improve our business.  Why wait?  Utilizing our commission advance program means you don't have to wait.  You can potentially have your commission within 24 hours of a deal becoming unconditional. Now we're talking!


This program is a truly unique feature of our brokerage and our culture here at Fair Realty.  We believe that sharing in the financial success of our brokerage with our members is part of creating a win-win environment for all our agents, and the company.  We are committed to      reinvesting in our agents to help them build passive  cashflow and even add that to their retirement income planning if they desire - and this is just one of the many important ways we support our agents.  Our Revenue Sharing & Bonus Program allows our agents to receive compensation benefits for recruiting new agents to the brokerage as a cash override payment deposited directly to their bank account.  This is an amazing program that can easily turn into a serious residual income and future retirement income for agents.  Talk with us about this!


Ever get tired of hearing "Cheque is in the Mail?"  Good news - we offer our agents DIRECT DEPOSIT.  Your commissions are paid within 24 hours of receipt of commission cheques by our office and direct deposited to your bank account. No more waiting to receive the cheque and then having to trot off to the bank. Seamless and effortless.  That's one of the valuable services we provide to our agents

"We are in the business of supporting our agents and providing them the best environment and services to assist them to have amazing and successful careers as professional real estate agents. Their success is our success...literally.  Everything we do is focused on that, and on our relationship with our agents." 

John Knox - President & CEO

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