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“If you don't get serious about      your money, you will never have serious money"

Grant Cardone 


What if you really could have it all, and at a fraction of the cost of a typical brokerage?

Real Estate agents today are facing challenges like never before.  You spend hard earned money promoting yourself, day in and day out, shouldn’t YOU be the one who reaps the rewards?  At FAIR, we believe that in order to be successful, you need to INVEST IN YOURSELF - not the Brokerage .  By giving our agents 100% of the commission they earn, we promote the growth, prosperity and SUCCESS of our agents.

Think about what it would be like to be free from the onerous financial burden you have every month at traditional brokerages, and truly run your own show.  At Fair Realty, there are:


  • NO commission splits 

  • NO no franchise fees

  • NO outrageous desk or deal fees

  • NO additional tech fees

  • NO additional fees for unlicensed assistants

  • NO miscellaneous (just in case) fees

  • NO start up fee

  • NO annual fee

  • NO broker review fee

  • NO E&O fee

  • NO university fee


- - meaning more financial freedom for you every month! 

So what do we charge?

Just $200.00 per month and $350.00 per deal.  THAT'S IT!

Are you a super-high producer or a high producing team?  Talk with us about our customized compensation program for high producers.  


We Want You to Fill Your Pockets - Not Ours


Join a company that invests in you!  We don’t nickel and dime our agents on every little thing. We understand that without our agents there is no Brokerage - simple as that.  We give our agents the ability to develop their business without the financial strain that most Brokerages put them through.

Our commitment to you is to keep your fees low and eliminate extra costs charged by the Brokerage.  In doing so, you can re-invest in yourself, your brand, and in turn provide exceptional service to your clients. 

Fair Realty white.png
"The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket"

Will Rogers


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Want to Take Your Earning Potential to the Next Level??

Fair Realty offers our agents RECRUITING BONUSES in the form of REVENUE SHARING and LONG-TERM RESIDUAL OVERRIDES to help you build a passive income and add fuel to your retirement plan.  You can earn more than 100% !

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