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Still Doing Business the Old Way?  Break Free with FAIR REALTY 


BC's Innovative Brokerage

Fair Realty is a fully Canadian owned company founded in 2002 that is at the forefront of a swiftly changing real estate industry.  Technology has forever changed the landscape of the "traditional" brokerage model - and that's not going away.  If fact, it's just going to accelerate.  Many brokerages are struggling to remain relevant and justify the fees that they charge their agents. 



We had a simple idea.  What if we could leverage technology to allow our agents to work from anywhere and at any time? And what if we could also deliver that at a fraction of what agents are commonly paying at other brokerages while at the same time delivering the  full support and full service to our agents that they need?  We set out to achieve that - and here we are. 

A company built by successful agents - and built FOR successful agents.  We're structured to offer you the same level of support, service, and tools whether you're in one of our 20 branches across BC or Alberta, or working remotely from your home, the top of a mountain, or literally anywhere else you choose to be.  


Our 100% commission plan was designed to ensure that you receive absolutely everything you need to succeed without sacrificing anything.  You get more, and you keep more!  That's just Fair. 


If FLEXIBILITY and FREEDOM and the resources to build your own brand and take your career to the next level is what you're looking for, then WE ARE YOUR BROKERAGE.  


You really can have it all - and at a fraction of what you  might pay at other brokerages.  It's your business...take charge of it and contact us today!  


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

Buckminster Fuller   Architect, Inventor, Philosopher

Our unique cloud based technology platform provides our agents with the FREEDOM to work anywhere and any time. No longer do agents need to be tied to a desk or an office.  And quite frankly - who wants to be?  We provide you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED, EVERYWHERE YOU GO.


All INCLUDED in your monthly fees!  Yes, you heard correctly.  There is no up-charge for any of these applications. And we're adding more all the time to enhance the services we offer to our agents. 

FAIR REALTY offers a rewarding recruiting program that provides REVENUE SHARING and LONG-TERM RESIDUAL OVERRIDES to help you build an additional passive income and enrich your retirement portfolio. 


You can earn MORE than 100% .....

Need money prior to close?  Our fast commission advance program will take the stress out of managing your cash flow.

With our direct deposit system, there is no need to wait needlessly for days after closing to receive your commission.  Commissions are direct deposited to your account within 24 hours of the brokerage receiving funds.

Whether it be setting yourself apart in the marketplace with creative and compelling brand awareness, or OPENING YOUR OWN BRANCH, we can provide you with the opportunity, tools, and support to achieve your goals - The sky is the limit!


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