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Let's face it, floor duty is in the past.  Prospective buyers and sellers don't want to come into the office.  They certainly don't want to be wrestled to the ground by an over eager sales person trying to persuade them to list their property or buy a new one. (of course that doesn't really happen but they may think it does.

Floor duty was the brokerage's way of haviing agents keep the office open for them.  Keep your own darn office open!

We don' t require our agents to do floor.  In fact, we don't even have offices in most locations for agents to do floor in!

Who sells houses sittiniig in an offiice?  We give our agents the flexibiility to manage their own schedules and set their own time committments.  Need a managing broker?  Well you won't find one ini the office.  But they are just a phone calll or text away.  Anytime, and day.

Hey there, I know I'm cute and all... but I'm a dinosaur and I gotta run, I'm late for floor duty

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